Communicating about Odonata
of the
Old World Tropics

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ECHO n°4 (Jan 2007)  
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ECHO n°1 (Aug 2004) PHAON n°1 (Aug 2004)

PHAON and ECHO focus on the odonate research in tropical Africa and Asia respectively. We invite all those interested and active in these regions to contribute. Contributions should be stimulating, informal, entertaining and preferably not too long.

In the last few years several activities have been organised under the banner of PHAON (Pinhey’s Heritage African Odonata Network). Among these were meetings in 2001 in Gällivare and in Bonn in 2004. The proceedings of the former have recently appeared. Another PHAON activity was an e-mail newsletter. Despite a strong start in 2000, various factors have led to the stagnation of the flow of e-news. To revive the stream of communication, we present a new format in a familiar medium: from now on, on a trial basis, the WDA Board have agreed that PHAON and its newborn Asian sibling ECHO can each grace AGRION once a year.

Feel free to report travel highlights, remarkable observations, research interests or any other discovery or query that you wish to share with colleagues. We especially welcome contributions in which researchers keep their colleagues apprised of the focus, progress and problems in their studies.

In this issue of AGRION we present pieces dealing with both Africa and Asia , but henceforth PHAON and ECHO will appear in alternate issues. Because not everyone receives AGRION, all issues of PHAON and ECHO will be sent by e-mail to other interested readers once a year.

If you have questions or contributions, please contact one of us:
Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstra
Matti Hämäläinen , ECHO,
Vincent J. Kalkman , ECHO,